Analytics & Technical Services: Training Development

The greatest asset to every company is its people. IQPM Consulting offers onsite learning solutions to advance organizational and individual quality and project performance.

We are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with the larger business and nonprofit communities. Customized topics can be directed to leaders who want to enhance their capabilities, accelerate the development of their workforce, and learn to apply the essentials for success.

Programs address all levels of development from introductory to mastery, and include:

  • Six Sigma Consulting Program - Process Improvement
    Consulting and training using Lean, Six Sigma, ISO, and advanced statistics. We offer on-site courses based upon demand. Our instructors have decades of real implementation and project experience.

  • Project Management Consulting Program
    Consulting and training to help your company and its people perform to maximum potential.

  • ISO Auditing
    IQPM Consulting will help you grow your business through improved processes, reduced costs, and increased sales. Whether your need is an unbiased business process assessment, ISO implementation, or Six-Sigma, we can help.

  • Change Management Related to Engineering Combustion Systems and Heat Transfer (Radiation, Conduction, Convection):
    Customers benefit from our expertise in the mathematical modelling of heat transfer and flow resulting in optimal heat integration and clean, safe and reliable equipment.

  • Lifecycle Software Development & IT
    We combine competent consultancy with wide experience, ranging from system design through to implementation and long term solution maintenance. Our core competences are customised solutions such as content platforms, personalisation and analysis systems.

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