Integrated Quality & Project Management System

Our consultants guide you from strategic development through implementation of an Integrated Quality & Project Management system for product and technology development. Key benefits: A structured, hierarchical approach to guide development tasks and execution, substantial cost reductions, increased efficiencies, sustainable improvements and shareholder value.

  1. IQPM Methodology Development;

  2. IQPM Maturity Advancement;

  3. Integrated Quality & Project Review & Recovery;

  4. Performance Measurement.

3. Integrated Quality & Project Review & Recovery

IQPM Consulting addresses quality and project recovery at both the organizational and individual project levels, depending on your specific needs. We provide three distinct service offerings to help your organization turn troubled projects around quickly.

Common Symptoms of Troubled Projects
  • Critical issues in meeting milestones or completing deliverables

  • High risk of non-delivering anticipated benefits

  • Resources are not fully allocated to the project

  • The project is consistently behind its planned schedule

  • They are critical and/or significantly growing technical issues with the project

Troubled Project Identification
We help you and your PMO implement a standard Quality and Project Review & Recovery Process to monitor your portfolio of programs and projects and identify candidates for review and possible intervention.

Project Recovery & Turnaround
At the project level, our project turnaround experts work with you to develop and implement a Quality & Project Recovery Plan, to quickly determine how to best proceed with the project. We can then lead and/or coach your project team throughout the entire recovery process

Performance Improvement: Institutionalizing Lessons Learned
As a project concludes, valuable lessons learned are only sometimes captured and rarely acted upon. Longer term, these lessons learned could have significant impact on the outcomes of future projects if they are filtered back into the organization's standard processes. PM Solutions helps you establish and maintain the processes for capturing, evaluating, and institutionalizing lessons learned that will improve performance across all projects.

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